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Edify Financial Group Pty Ltd was founded to deliver sophisticated and specialized financial planning services to ambitious Individuals & Businesses in an open, clear and value driven manner. It is our belief that our role is to instruct and improve clients wealth through Education and Knowledge.
Our Goals and Objectives has always been to create an outstanding Financial Planning Business with a holistic expertise that delivers a unique service for our clients keeping them at the forefront of innovation and service in the financial planning industry and providing the highest quality financial advice in the most affordable, cost-effective and transparent way possible.


We provide sophisticated financial advice and wealth creation for individual and businesses and offer specialised services to ambitious people in business.


We are passionate about Education. Our purpose is to keep learning and to be Best of the Breed and to adapt to Change and be Innovative.


A modern investment service that specialise in helping deliver a scalable, consistent yet individualised client experience.


Edify Financial Group Pty Ltd provides specialized and sophisticated financial advice and wealth creation for ambitious individual and businesses.


A modern investment service that specializes in helping to deliver a scalable, consistent ,yet individualized client experience ,in partnership with industry leading technology & investment partners.

Our service is designed to reduce the complexity and costs associated with delivering traditional investment management to clients. Traditionally advice practices have delivered theirs investment adviser by adviser, review by review and client by client. That is yesterday’s model.

Today global best practice enables us advisers to design solutions where every client is treated individually at every level. We call this Mass Portfolio Customization and it has shown to be the defining capability separating good advice practices from great. This is what we do.

Our wealth plan benefits from our unique investment management offerings incorporated as a component of holistic wealth advice to help you achieve your financial goals.

Each client’s portfolio is managed by a team of investment professionals who monitor market conditions and work with your adviser to determine how to best allocate your money across different asset classes

When considering investment strategies, consider the following questions:

  • What kind of investor are you?
  • What types of investments are you comfortable owning?
  • What is your risk tolerance?


Christelle, We would like to sincerely thank you for the excellent financial planning services you have provided to us.
Your extensive guidance and leadership has helped us seriously consider and re-organise our financial position(s) to support and protect our future.

We appreciate your advice and your pleasant, open and supportive communications. We feel that we’ve developed a great relationship with you that is built on strong trust, professionalism and ethical conduct.

In addition, you’ve greatly assisted us, through introductions to your trusted and professional colleagues on matters of Estate Planning/Management, Accounting, Mortgage Brokering, Insurances and Property Advocacy. – Your services are like a one-stop shop for our financial well being.

We are very pleased with the services we have received and look forward to a long enduring relationship.
Consequently, we highly recommend you and Edify Private Wealth.

Mark & Sharon Mackenzie


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